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Kings Pharmacy is in a dire position. We are reaching the ned of our savings and we don't know when/if Capital One, our bank, will partake in the Payroll Protection Program to provide funding. We are asking the community to support us like we supported the Tribeca community for the last 22 years. We created memories during Halloween, survived 9/11 together, fought past Hurricane Sandy as a group. 

Our GoFundMe page is so that we can pay for the salaries of our employees instead of furloughing them for an undetermined period of time and possibly permanently. Our employees come in every single day on the subway from Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Queens risking their lives to make sure they're able to support the community and their families. We are counting down the days until we need to close our doors unless we get funding. We are doing the best for you, we need you to do the best you can for us. Please support us before it's too late and you'll come to find a shuttered Kings Pharmacy. 

We do the best to keep essential products in stock for the community. We keep our prices honest and low so that everyone in the community can purchase their fair share. We work tirelessly to make sure your lives are as normal as possible in getting the products you need to stay safe. We are able to acquire masks, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, Clorox wipes, Lysol spray, toilet paper, latex gloves while other pharmacies are not able to. We maintained normal business hours while other pharmacies are closed. We are offering delivery services when other pharmacies make you go in.

Please visit our gofundme page to help support us in any way you can.

Update 4/14

The catch phrase for Capital One Bank is “what’s in your wallet?” During the last three weeks since the Payroll Protection Program passed, we received no information from the local branch nor corporate offices about when they would be ready to accept applications. They’re leaving local mom and pop businesses to fend for themselves. This is unacceptable! As you know, Kings Pharmacy was forced to start a gofundme fundraiser because we cannot depend on the bank we’ve done business with for the last twenty years. We can not recommend this bank to anyone and we will be ending our relationship with them. The PPP Act is running out of funds and we are sure Kings Pharmacy will be lost in the waves of other small Businesses scrambling to apply for a loan. When our doors are shuttered, you’ll know who to blame. Banks don’t care about you or me, they only care about what’s in their wallet.

An Open Letter to Chuck Schumer and Congressman Jerry Nadler: A Cry for Help!

Please read below for an update on our Coronavirus Crisis (4/13/2020)


I am an owner of Kings Tribeca Pharmacy, 5 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10013, an independent pharmacy in the Lower Manhattan Area. Kings Pharmacy has been in business for 22 years, our pharmacy survived the attack on September 11th, Hurricane Sandy, and now we're trying to survive the financial effects of Coronavirus. We are doing our best to stay open during this crisis, however our best is not enough without an infusion of funds from the Payroll Protection Program. So far, we've paid our rent as to satisfy our obligations to our landlord. We've paid our employees their salaries, keeping on all of our employees and only reducing our hours by 2 hours a day.   We don't know how much longer we can keep all of our employees employed, we're facing a fight for our lives keeping our pharmacy open and losing money by staying open during the Stay at Home period. We're doing our best in paying our bills but with the mass exodus of patients from the Tribeca area, we're left depending on the Payroll Protection Program. Our bank, Capital One, is not providing us with any information at all at when they are going to accept applications. We've been their customers for over 20 years and we are left in the dark. I call to speak to the branch manager and our questions and concerns go unanswered. We need your help in pushing Capital One to make that available sooner, we don't have months, we have days or weeks before we need to close our doors if we cannot get funding.

We are the only the pharmacy in the area with consistent delivery service and a consistent supply of gloves, masks, disinfectants, that our customers ask for. We are doing our best to keeping their lives as normal as possible, but we need your help in telling Capital One to stop wasting their time in making frivolous commercials and making funds available to their customers like Kings Pharmacy. 


Jones Chan

Pharmacist and Owner

You can reach me at 212-791-3100 or email me at kingstribeca@gmail.com

To our loyal customers, all the members of Kings Pharmacy need your help in making a push for Senator Schumer and Congressman Jerry Nadler aware of the financial struggles that Kings Pharmacy is in. 

You can call Senator Chuck Schumer at (212) 486-4430 or click on the link to email him https://www.schumer.senate.gov/contact/email-chuck

You can call Congressman Jerry Nadler at (212) 367-7350 or click on the link to email him https://nadler.house.gov/contact/

Update (4/13)

Lauren Geiser of Congressman Jerry Nadler's office answered some questions when we called his office. However, her guidance still leaves us at square one.


Capital One still does not have any idea when their application process will begin. 

Please call Capital One to reiterate how important it is for Small Businesses like Kings Tribeca Pharmacy to get that loan as soon as possible.


There is no reason why our bank is leaving us behind when other banks already received applications and are giving out loans.

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